“Candice’s gentle and nurturing abilities allowed me to quickly and deeply connect with my true nature. She was incredibly gracious, allowing me time to “unpack” the experience afterwards. During the MISTS experience, she asked many questions on my behalf, and never rushed the experience. I am excited to continue work with her!” ~ Kate

“I have had two sessions with Candice and they were both life changing. Candice made me feel safe, loved, and that we were a team. I would highly recommend anyone booking a session. This has helped me with developing my gifts and healing.” ~ Natasha

“My journey has been quite challenging these past few years and meeting Candice Moreau assisted me greatly in helping me to understand myself. We had a QHHT session together after a very intuitive friend of mine from Ashville sensed there was someone nearby who studied under Dolores Cannon and could help me with a personal session here in Wilmington, NC. Candice is beautiful inside and out with her gentle but powerful approach and connections. I Highly recommend Candice for opening doors to greater understanding of Self and releasing all that needs to be released for an open road and greater conscious awareness.” ~ Quimby

“Work with Candice in complete confidence!  Had an amazing QHHT session with her early this year that has been a complete life-changing experience.  She was positive, caring, and compassionate through the entire experience.  I felt completely safe and loved from the time we met until I walked out the door.  Thank you Candice!” ~ D Manfredini