Crystal Healing Bed

Many have experienced the benefits of the Crystal Bed Healing with an overall sense of wellbeing, feeling as if their energy centers were balanced and emotional releases needed to move forward in their every day life.

The 7 Vogel quartz cut crystals stream color in a circuitous pattern over your body. The sides of the crystals are cut to the same specifications as the sides of the Giza pyramid and Kabbalah Flower of Life. Some people experience visions, sensations, emotional and physical release and healing. It is unique to each individual.

IBM scientist Marcel Vogel, who created LCD (liquid-crystal display) screens, looked at the healing power of crystals through a scientific lens, drawing connections between the spiral structure of the quartz crystal lattice and human DNA and between the silica composition of quartz crystals and the human body. He went on to design specific quartz cuts said to collect, amplify, and direct energy.

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