About Me

Welcome to LetLoveLive.

Hello and welcome to my website! My passionate mission is to reflect more of my multidimensional self in this life and assist others with remembering their expanded connections, as all answers truly come from within our being. I believe in raising the frequency and consciousness of this planet collectively through achieving balance in mind, body and spirit. When we heal ourselves individually, we also help heal the energy of the collective populace and Earth, as we have a symbiotic relationship with her.  By supporting Disclosure initiatives, we can bring healing and free energy technologies that already exist to the forefront.

As a young child, I always knew there was more to this 3D existence. I knew that the concept of “God” was grander than anything I was being taught in organized religion and this expansive energy I felt all around me was bigger than any human word could explain. I saw the world as magical and beautiful and spent a lot of time playing outside in nature with my siblings which enhanced my connection to “everything”.  As I grew older; however, I realized that there were many collective thoughts that were different from this voice within me and as most children do, adapted to survive.

I saw and felt many energies and beings as a child. My parents held an Edgar Cayce group in their home, joined the Rosicrucian Order, studied esoteric teachings and eventually left the church. I was taught children’s lessons by A Course in Miracles, the Rosicrucian Order and started going to Unity Church. Concepts of past lives, reincarnation, Atlantis, Lemuria, Chakras and Ascended Masters were known subjects. I delved into the paranormal, reading books on angels, fairies, UFOs, ghosts, dolphin energy, herbs, natural healing, energy healing, near death experiences, etc. because I was experiencing much of this myself. I had my first spontaneous past life regression at the age of 12 with a spiritual group of people at my parent’s home.

I saw spiritual beings at night/day, was having out of body experiences, and messages from guides/angels. I also was having contact from star beings that became much more prevalent and known in my adult life. I was communicating telepathically at times with my Mother and had done some hands-on energy healing with her guidance. I would wake up many nights sitting in a lotus position on my bed, without knowing why. I was also having some precognitive dreams. At the age of 16, I was told the name of my husband who I met 4 years later.

I wanted to work with dolphin healing energy and disabled children at the Dolphin Research Center after college (since I felt such a strong connection to cetaceans who were showing up in dreams), so I became a Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist. I became pregnant unexpectedly and needed a job with benefits, so ended up working in outpatient and hospital settings near me helping people heal with the things they loved most to motivate them, while balancing their mind, body and spirit. I started a Pet Therapy program at the hospital I worked at.

At the age of 19, I had read Many Masters, Many Lives by Dr. Brian Weiss when the book first came out and had my first formal regression in my 20’s when I was having visions, phobias and sensations which I knew to be cellular memory. I continued working in traditional medical settings until changes in healthcare took place and to support my family, went into clinical research. During this time, I continued my metaphysical journey, studying various energy healing techniques (Reiki, Regeneration Healing, Transformational Healing, Paul Selig energy workshops), crystal workshops, member of Kyle Gray’s Angel Tribe, member of Medical Medium Practitioner Support Group and exploring past life regression healing. 

I was led to read one of the Convoluted Universe books by Dolores Cannon and realized this was the type of healing and regression training I was looking for. I became certified in her QHHT technique and several other modalities (Introspective Hypnosis, Genesis Healing and MISTS). I was also intuitively led to read a book published by Ozark Mountain Publishing (owned by Dolores Cannon) which was written by a brave and wonderful friend, Sherry Wilde called The Forgotten Promise. This book explains her contact experiences from an early age. Before I was able to read the last chapter of this book, the entire chapter was downloaded into my head along with memories of my own experiences. This memory has heightened my clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities and I am woken up many times in the night or pulled out of dreams into these types of parallel lives or multidimensional experiences. I now offer classes in Wilmington, NC to explore paranormal or multidimensional contact and have been recently asked by International Author and Speaker, Mary Rodwell, founder of ACERN to be the US Coordinator for MISTS Hypnotherapists.

My business name of LetLoveLive was inspired from a family meditation where my sister was told by one of her guides that my brother, sister and I each represented one of these words during our current lifetime.

I truly believe that we are all on a spiritual journey to discover the truth of our being. I consider this work sacred and consider it an honor to be a witness to your soul’s blossoming and emergence as we move forward into a world of unity consciousness and disclosure.